Find What Works For You

Saturday 25th February 11.30 – 1.30pm
@Main Studio, Yoga Blend, 46 Mutley Plain, Plymouth.
Price: £25

Do you suffer from back pain/crunching in some yoga poses? Or perhaps a twingey knee in others and you’re left wondering if it’s down to the way you’re doing the pose? In regular yoga classes we often lack the time or space to ask specific, detailed alignment questions.

This workshop is opportunity to zoom in on some commonly practiced postures and focus on individual assistance and detailed guidance around the pose. We will explore different alignment techniques and self-adjustments that can facilitate more freedom and a pain-free practice.

Whether you are a student looking for a deeper understanding of the poses or a teacher seeking new ways to help your students, this is an opportunity to solve some of these asana mysteries.

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Your Body Your Yoga Workshop


Find What Works For You

Saturday 18th March 3.30pm – 5.30pm
@Main Studio, Yoga Blend, 46 Mutley Plain, Plymouth.
Price: £25

Join Michelle for this Mother’s Day Yin Yoga workshop on the eve of the day that we celebrate Mothers.

Whether you are a Mother, have a Mother or simply appreciate the loving, nurturing energy of the archetypal Mother, this session is for anyone in need of a nourishing and heart opening practice.

When we care for others without refilling our own resources, we can be left feeling depleted. Sometimes our own needs can get put to one side. This workshop is your opportunity to focus on yourself and recharge your own batteries.

We will begin this practice with some grounding poses and then progress to focus more on the upper body, to gently stretch and open the area around the chest and shoulders, and release tension from the neck and upper back.

No experience of Yin Yoga is necessary as full guidance and assistance will be provided.

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Mothers Day Yin Yoga Workshop